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Safety Animator Duties and Responsibilities
Safety animator duties and responsibilities Will at least contain (but not limited to) following elements.
1- Ensure that all the workers in the project are complying with SCC PPE policy
2- Ensure that all equipment, machines and tools is in safe condition to perform the work with it
3- Inspect and revise all working activates performed by all the companies “SCC and all subcontractors” in the project and be sure that it is done in safe way and the workers follow safe working techniques
4- Stop immediately any situation and /or act that represent any risk to personnel or properties
5- Inspect in daily base all scaffolds, equipment, machines, lifting gears and tools in his area and be sure it is safe and comply with standers
6- Stop and remove from the site any equipment, machines and tools that’s not safe to use
7- Ensure from the implementation of working permit system for all working activities
8- Ensure that all instruction and precautions in the working permit is implemented in site
9- Ensure that all subcontractors have enough safety coverage in his area
10- Conduct daily TBT to the manpower in his area about working hazards and safety preventive measures that must be taken to avoid it
11- Report in daily base all unsafe condition, acts and corrective actions taken in site to SCC safety responsible
12- Ensuring that all equipments are correctly/safely installed before operating
13- strictly prohibited to leave the site in working time hours
14- Implementing fine and penalties list on the subcontractors and submit it to SCC safety responsible with the evidence.
some assignment details
1- assignment Location: Helwan
2- assignment duration 21 days (start as soon as possible)
3- working hours :10 per day
4- lumpsum rate over 21 days : 6100 EGP  based on 21 day/10 Working hours 

Job Details

Date Posted:2016-02-19
Job Location:Cairo, Egypt
Job Role:Safety
Company Industry:Business Support

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Career Level:Mid Career

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